Pickled Fish

4 Aug

When there’s a wedding on your agenda and you know there’ll be a reception with hopefully satisfying food, what would you eat beforehand?  Some might pass on eating anything and save themselves for the reception, but not us.  After my (unfortunate non-gastronomic but) gastric adventure at Lost Roo, I wanted something familiar for breakfast.  We knew there was a restaurant at the hotel we were staying at, but because menu pricing is usually on the high side, hotel restaurants are best avoided.  We were pressed for time and so couldn’t do a leisurely walk around the town to browse the restaurants lining “main street”.  Thus, we elected to try out [pickled fish] and have brunch there.

[pickled fish] at Long Beach, Washington

From the outside, seeing the bay windows and the corner spot positioning of the restaurant gave us a good idea that we’ll have an ocean view from where we’ll be seated.  To make sure that we definitely would get an ocean view seating, we arrived just after opening hours.

Inside [pickled fish].

[pickled fish] reminds me of some Ballard and Capitol Hill restaurants – urban in design and industrial in feel.  For a small coastal town like Long Beach, maybe it comes off as hoity-toity.  As I write this review, there’s only 28% (out of 50 votes) that likes [pickled fish].  I’m one of the 28% and I have some explaining to do on why I like it, and maybe self-confabulating to figure out why the “dislikes” are so high for the restaurant.

Brunch at [pickled fish] is only available on Sundays, otherwise their daily schedule is for lunch and dinner only.  Btw, the brunch menu is not available on their site.  Tsk, tsk.  While The Hubby chose waffle for brunch, I chose the pickled fish for the day which was salmon for that day, bacon, and hand cut fries.  I was not kidding about my hankering for fries from the night before (read my Lost Roo review to find out why).

waffles from [pickled fish]

Crispy waffle with tender interior, and plenty of maple syrup and whipped butter on the side.  How can you go wrong?  I even used the maple syrup as a dipping sauce for my fries.  Go ahead and judge me.

pickled fish of the day at [pickled fish]

Pickled fish for breakfast?!  “Ick”, you say?  I’ve had more exotic foodstuffs for breakfast so this falls in my norm.

bacon at [pickled fish]

Bacon.  Enough said.

hand cut fries at [pickled fish]

Fries which left me feeling like Oliver.  Please sir, I want some more.

This is why I gave [pickled fish] a “like”: good food and friendly service.  One [pickled fish] reviewer at Urbanspoon mentioned their hostess having bad BO.  Now from someone who has sensitive olfaction, being on the path of anything stinky would put me off for sure, but(!) I would fairly give my rating based mainly on quality of food and service.  I know it’d suck if your host/hostess has BO that’d make you suddenly suck your breath and release it with the same speed you sucked it, but the host/hostess is there only briefly.  The host/hostess shows you your seat and then it’s the server who takes over.  And if it just so happens that you’re being served by someone whose BO is so bad that people ought to wear hazmat masks, then tell the RM (restaurant manager).  Though keep in mind that these people working a thankless job are running around the restaurant and probably sweating from all the action.  I can understand complaints about restaurant wait staff doing something unreasonable and disrespectful, but from the sound of the review, the [pickled fish] folks actually did not do anything wrong.  So to the reviewer who complained about his hostess and server… suck it.

For those of you from Seattle and the Eastside (or from any other large cities from other states) who find yourselves in Long Beach, Washington and eager to try a restaurant that would have a familiar urban vibe, try [pickled fish].  If you want enormous portions or want super-sized meals on the cheap, [pickled fish] is not the place.

Pickled Fish on Urbanspoon


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