Lost Roo

3 Aug

One of the things about being Californian and having a “golden state of mind” is that anything that sounds Californian must be Californian, so when The Hubby told me that our friend, Mike, is getting married in Long Beach I whooped because 1) he’s found someone worthy to spend his good life with, and 2) we’re going home to California.  Then The Hubby said that Long Beach is in Washington.  My response was one of utter confusion.  As far as I know Long Beach is in SoCal, see.  During a phone call, I told my parents we’re going to Long Beach for a wedding, and to which they thought I was talking about Long Beach in New York, see here.  We used to live in the Big Apple and they still seem to have maintained the “New York state of mind”.

Long Beach (ahem, Washington) claims to have the world’s longest beach, and is located along the coast of Washington State, just a little over three hours drive southwest of Seattle.  It’s a small, quiet, and somewhat provincial coastal town.  When in a small town, one can’t expect big city options when it comes to dining and entertainment —  which is sometimes the appeal of small towns.

Like any good planner, I looked into popular restaurants in the city and decided on Lost Roo after filtering through various Long Beach restaurants’ open hours and menu.  At the time, I thought I made a good choice.

Lost Roo

The restaurant has the atmosphere of a family friendly sports bar, and both our hostess and server were congenial.  The restaurant is spacious and has really good lighting.  I find that notable because I’ve been to enough restaurants that have dim lighting and have cramped spaces.

Chronic Cravings dining partner at the Lost Roo

We started off with a Goose Point Oyster Shooter for each of us.  Not bad… good sauce and you get to keep your shot glass as a souvenir.

Goose Point Oyster Shooter

For our main course, I chose the Jumbo Gumbo and The Hubby chose the Lamb Burger.  And this is the part when I get to explain why Lost Roo gets a thumb down from me.  For me, and surely for many other diners, there are two main reasons for eating out: the service and the food.  Otherwise, what’s the point of eating out.  The Lost Roo gets a thumb up for the customer service but not for the food.  I was disappointed with the Jumbo Gumbo which was actually not “jumbo” at all and the okra pieces were bitter and the sausage slices were tough — I did not know what to make of it.  I finished my meal because I’m one of those people who, when it can be helped, prefers to use resources and not waste them.  But the Jumbo Gumbo was just disappointing.  The worst part is that I ended up with indigestion and wished I didn’t finish my meal.  Shocking.

Jumbo Gumbo from the Lost Roo

The Hubby’s choice of Lamb Burger was not bad.  The fries were better than the burger itself though.  The burger lacked character, and it’s a lamb burger for goodness’ sake.  The side dish, being the fries, were just great.  Nice and crispy!

Lamb Burger at the Lost Roo

As we left, I lamented over the gumbo I had which I actually looked forward to having for dinner, but sadly, it failed to satisfy.  Oh I wished I ordered two large baskets of fries instead.

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