Lumpia World

15 Jun

When The Hubby first told me about Lumpia World, my initial reaction was, “No, I don’t want to try it.”  No offense, good people at Lumpia World.  I wasn’t interested because I’ve eaten so many lumpia and egg rolls in my current lifetime that if I were to combine the numbers, I’m sure I could start a fiesta with the sum of all the lumpia I’ve had.

My newfound friend, Felicia Foster, founder and coordinator of Cottage Bakers Market, recommended Lumpia World when I told her that I’d love to have a friend along to try out Filipino restaurants in Seattle and the Eastside.  I told Felicia that I’ve heard of Lumpia World and that I’d be glad to try it.  No offense, good Hubby, for the turn around.

Lumpia World food truck

Lumpia World started out as a food truck but they now have a physical store in Federal Way.  Felicia and I were not up to driving all the way south to Federal Way so we chose a day when Lumpia World’s food truck is in the Eastside.

Lumpia World menu

Felicia and I both chose the lumpia combo lunch box which includes four lumpia (any variety) and option of rice or pancit.  Our verdict on the pancit is that it was different from what we’re both familiar with.  The pancit from Lumpia World was liberally peppered.  We were both surprised by that.  Don’t get us wrong, the pancit tasted fine, just not familiar, but that’s okay.


For my lumpia, I chose two pieces of vegetable lumpia and one piece of lemon grass chicken lumpia.  They were all nice, crunchy, and crispy.  Ay dios mio, I could easily have had more…


For my fourth lumpia, I chose the turon with caramel and chocolate.  Turon is unrelated to turrón, a type of confectionary made of ground nuts and passed on to us by Madre España.  Turon is banana slices covered in brown sugar then wrapped in lumpia wrappers, and then deep fried.  What you end up with is sweet lumpia.  Good and sweet lumpia.

Banana Lumpia - Turron

I’m relieved that I can make lumpia.  Otherwise, I’d be in line for lumpia at Lumpia World at least once a month.

Lumpia World on Urbanspoon

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