Happy Donut Day!

7 Jun

My first reblOg!  And what better post to reblog than my “Happy Donut Day” post.

It’s the first Friday of June so it must be… National Doughnut Day! Have a go at that yummy O!

Chronic Cravings

What do a donut, tomato slices, lettuce, and roast beef have in common?

Wait for it…

They can be turned into a sandwich!

You can put any meat (or non-meat) and veggie (or no-veggie) fixings of your choice, of course.  The donut sandwich is not for purists, traditionalists, and naysayers but for adventurous and daring food lovers.  And I doughnut give a fudge to those who can’t see a donut other than being a donut.  As for me, I propose creatively repurposing leftovers, and in my case, leftover donuts.  Besides, a donut sandwich isn’t a new concept.  Surf the “world wide webiverse” and you’ll find a heap of donut sandwich yumminess that will tantalize even the most uneasy of taste buds.

Consider a donut sandwich today.  You can easily pass up the condiments since
the donut will be moist, rich, and flavorful on its own.  Celebrate National Donut Day and…

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