Richmond International Night Market 2013

1 Jun

The annual International Night Market in Richmond, B.C. began on May 17 this year.  As markets and fairs go, it’s all about the food and the vendors’ wares.  We were there for the food.  To experience the Night Market in panorama, go here, courtesy of The Hubby and Photosynth.

Richmond Summer Night Market

Here you’ll see the throng of people gathered at the food booths.  It’s crowded.  I’m talking elbow-to-elbow.  Not as bad as shopping at Oxford Street in London though.

Richmond Summer Night Market

What we have here is the Takoyaki Booth.  Not to be missed unless you’re not into seafood balls.  There is a vegetarian option for those in the no seafood camp.

Richmond Summer Night Market

The women at the Takoyaki Booth hard at work turning the batters to be formed into yummy takoyaki balls.  I get takoyaki cravings so this is a big event and long wait for me.

Richmond Summer Night Market

Hello takoyaki!  Quickly, get in my tummy!

Takoyaki in the making

The takoyaki are small but looks can be deceiving.  They’re pretty heavy because of the batter.  Think of them as seafood pancake balls.


We went to the bubble tea booth twice.  Once for a mango shake and then again before we left the market for a watermelon shake.


The bubble tea people scrambling around to get all the orders out for their customers.


It was hard to pass on this booth.  Two words: turkey egg.

Richmond Summer Night Market

This guy could be the “Dan Dan” of the Dan Dan Smokehouse booth.  Or not.  I have no idea.

Richmond Summer Night Market

Enoki wrapped in beef strips.  Small eats but terribly good.

Enoki wrapped in beef

And this egg here is the turkey egg which is actually chicken egg cooked in turkey broth.  Amazing and worth copying.  I could have had two of these.  Nay, three.  But there were more goodies to try out so I settled for one.

"Turkey Egg"

This is one of the three booths that sell hurricane potatoes.  It’s hard to miss the spiraled potato on a stick bobbing through the crowd since so many people were eating them.

Richmond Summer Night Market

Our hurricane potato being rolled in chili and cheese powder.  Chili cheese hurricane potato!  Yeeha!

Richmond Summer Night Market

One hurricane potato.  If you can eat more than one, more power to you.

Hurricane Potatoes

Our last stop is the booth that sells curry fish balls.  We like fish balls and we like curry flavor anything (any food, that is), so what’s not to like with curry fish balls.

Richmond Summer Night Market

The curry fish balls were mild and the chow mein tasted like tobacco smoke.  Now you know the reason why we went back to the bubble tea booth for another round of fruit shake.

Fish Curry Balls and Chow Mein

We watch a bit of the talent show and then called it a night.  Our digestive systems (mine and The Hubby’s) also did not want to put up with all of our eating any more.

In case you missed it, here’s a panoramic view of the International Night Market.

Richmond Summer Night Market

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