Pajo’s Fish and Chips

1 Jun

For a quick getaway, The Hubby and I took off for the border and visited our northern North American neighbor the day after the Skagit River Bridge along I-5 collapsed.  But technology and web mapping services helped us out in finding a new route.  The main reason for the trip is to experience Richmond’s Summer Night Market.  My first summer night market should have taken place in Asia, but nooooo, it happened in North America.

It was way past lunchtime when we arrived at our destination in Steveston.  My primary reason for visiting Steveston was because it’s known for great seafood places, and the secondary reason being that I wanted to see Shady Island.  Two growling stomachs lead us to the Steveston Village where at least twenty places serve seafood.  Out of many, we decided on Pajo’s.

Pajo's at Steveston Wharf

According to Pajo’s site, the Pajo’s at Steveston Wharf is Pajo’s original location since 1985.  What else happened in 1985?  The first mobile phone call in the UK was made… only 12 years after inventor, Martin Cooper made the first mobile call in the US.

Pajo's at Steveston Wharf

On the main page of Pajo’s website is how its story came about.  I have a beef (I wish I could say, I have a fish) with its claim of “serving the finest fish and chips in the West“.  Whoever wrote the claim forgets that “the West” could mean the Pacific West, which includes the US Pacific Coast, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, a teeny bit of Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Chile.  I don’t know about you Pajo’s, but I think being the “finest in the West” is a bit over the top.  You could specify that it’s the finest in the Pacific Northwest but you’ll be in hot competition with seafood restaurants in Washington, Oregon, and Northern California.  Let’s adjust the bar for “finest in the West” to “finest in Western Canada”, shall we?


My tiny tirade makes a relevant segue for what I think of Pajo’s…  Pajo’s is not the finest.  It’s good, but definitely not the finest.

One of each fish and chips

All the fish pieces in our order of “One of Each Fish & Chips” had crispy batter and tender fish, however, the other half of “fish and chips”, which is to say the chips, were limpy and mealy.  Thankfully, at least the important half was pretty good.

We plan on returning again to Steveston Wharf, but probably not to Pajo’s.

Pajo's Fish & Chips on Urbanspoon


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