Purple Dot Cafe

19 May

As an Asian gal who has had her fill of a variety of Asian foods (for a lowdown, go on to my site’s culture category), I have high expectations for dim sum dishes and the dim sum experience.  I have been to Purple Dot Café only twice; in fact, it’s my first Seattle restaurant, courtesy of family friends who took me to Purple Dot for a dine out treat.  Many years passed and I decided to return to Purple Dot Café, and this time around with a girlfriend and for dim sum.

Purple Dot CafeAfter spending the morning at Benaroya Hall doing our duties as Seattle Symphony Volunteers, my girlfriend and jiejie, Norita and I headed to Chinatown for dim sum.  My first choice was Honey Court – I should have stuck with my first choice.

inside Purple Dot Cafe

When we arrived around lunch hour, the place was on the empty side, but it got packed and the tables were “moved” quickly.  The ladies with their cart of dim sum dishes circled around the restaurant hawking the foods on their cart.

WP_20130518_005 (800x421)

We started with lo mai gai (sticky rice in lotus leaves), fung jeow (chicken feet)har gau (shrimp dumplings), and bean curd wrap.  It was a good start.  Average, but good.

Purple Dot Cafe dim sum

The carts kept passing and I kept eyeing for egg rolls and fried salt and pepper tofu.  But nothing.

Purple Dot Cafe dim sum

We finished with fried shrimp balls and fried tofu with shrimp.  It wasn’t exactly the salt and pepper tofu I wanted, and so I ribbed my friend and told her that her Chinese was off.

fried shrimp balls and fried tofu with shrimp

The restaurant doesn’t give me much to talk about other than the food was okay and that the service could be better.  Really.  They took their time filling our empty pot of tea and they didn’t cut the dishes into smaller pieces (dim sum dishes are supposed to be bite-sized!), so Jiejie and I ended up nibbling our way around the fried shrimp balls that most anyone would probably have choked on had they attempted to eat the whole thing.

If you’re in Seattle Chinatown, I recommend passing up on Purple Dot Café and crossing the street to have dim sum at Honey Court or going to any other Chinese restaurant serving dim sum.

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