Irish Rose Bakery

8 May

The first booth that caught my attention during the Cottage Bakers Market event in Bellevue just this past Saturday, May 4th, was Irish Rose Bakery.  It’s hard to miss a booth passionately promoting sweets.  Seeing Chef Erin’s “Keep Calm and Eat Cupcakes” sign caught my attention and I couldn’t help but stop by her booth.  How could I not?  The sign was practically beckoning me.

I tasted the Black Brownie sample and I wished then that I had the shame to ask for more.  I believe I experienced death by chocolate, and it was awesome.

Chef Erin Evans, the brain and rose behind Irish Rose bakery, has always loved sweets and baking.  Learn more about her lovely story from her interview below.

Chef Erin Evans

What is your inspiration for Irish Rose Bakery?

The inspiration for starting Irish Rose Bakery was my passion for baking especially desserts and how they can elevate a normal meal gathering into a celebration!

How long have you been baking?

I discovered my gift for baking in a high school home economics class when our class was asked to make cookies for the school’s open house- I loved making all of those Toll House cookies…I still crave fresh from the oven chocolate chip cookies to this day.

Irish Rose Bakery

Where do you get your recipes from? Are they traditional or are they recipes handed down from family members or are they original creations?

Most of the recipes I use are from my training as a pastry chef where I learned several traditional French and American techniques but through the years ingredients and taste profiles change and so I’ve experimented with those formulas to create our signature flavors.

How long have you lived in Washington State? Where did you live before Washington State?

Though I love to travel I’m a lifelong Washingtonian and have been blessed to live on the Eastside of Lake Washington.

What are your favorite desserts, and which one would you consider a comfort dessert?

I haven’t met a dessert I didn’t like although, I really like the contrast of warm and cold in a dessert.   I think eating seasonally is best. Fresh fruit desserts in the summer, pumpkin or apple in the fall, anything in a pie over the holidays and don’t forget chocolate any time of year!  My go to comfort dessert would have to be the recipe I’ve developed for our black brownies; fresh from the oven they are moist and very delicious.  Pair them with a glass of milk or put them into a salted caramel sundae…outrageously good.

Irish Rose Bakery

What is your favorite restaurant and dessert place in the city where you are currently residing? And why?

My favorite restaurant where I live in Renton is the Melrose Grill.  I love it when I go in there and can get bison filet mignon grilled to perfection, but for dessert I’d have to say that my favorite place is Sweet Decadence in Newcastle. I go there and for wine and chocolate tasting.  I’m always amazed how the flavor of each can change and complement each other when put together. 


Chef Erin’s Irish Rose Bakery is a unique boutique bakery where you’ll find hand-crafted baked goods made from scratch.  Chef Erin was excited to be at the Bellevue Cottage Bakers Market this past weekend and is excited to be back again in November.  When you find yourself in Renton Farmers Market which starts on June 4th, check out Chef Erin’s wonderful work.

Irish Rose Bakery can also be found on Facebook, or at her website.  Put Chef Erin’s talents to the test and delight in some of her creations by contacting her for your next event.  Click on any of the pictures above and a new window will open taking you to Irish Rose Bakery’s website.


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