Robot Chefs in Noodle Bars

10 Apr

I love, lovelove noodles!!  When I was a kid, I’d have eaten it everyday if my parents allowed it.  But they didn’t.  Bless their well-meaning hearts.  As an adult, it’s a different story.  If I have irregular amounts of appetite-regulating hormones, I would eat and slurp noodles all day long so it’s a good thing my biological feedbacks are running all right.

Peter Kim of called out my attention to a ramen infographic.  To my fellow noodle and ramen lovers out there, feed on the tidbits of info below thanks to the good people at HC.

We Love Ramen

Did you hear the story about robot chefs in China working in noodle bars?  No, it’s not an April Fool’s joke.

This is sacrilegious!… But fun!  I still vote for human chefs, preferably those who have excellent hygiene.

Have you heard the story about robots that “do not take orders”?


Go to 1:20 of the video below.  This Doctor Who episode (and many other episodes) should make anyone think twice about allowing robots to wield weapons.

Not that I have mechanophobia, but you probably won’t find me in a noodle bar that employs robots for cooks.  I would rather have this little guy in the kitchen than angry bots.  Anytime.

My sisters and I are lucky to have parents who are handy in the kitchen, with my father’s cooking chops being more survivalist in style.  One of my Dad’s specialties is instant noodles; Lipton and Top Ramen top his cooking repertoire.  So Dad, if you’re reading this (and I hope you do!), here’s recognition for the days when you cooked for us.

Meat and Vegetable (instant) Ramen

2 packages of your favorite instant ramen
4 cups boiling water
1/2 cup sliced cooked ham
1 small carrot, diced
1/4 cup peas
1 stalk green onion, thinly sliced

Boil water.  Add the seasonings (that usually come with instant noodles) and the noodles into the boiling water at the same time.  When noodles are cooked but firm, turn of the heat and add the ham.  Stir then add the vegetables.

Smile and serve!  And finish your main course or you don’t get dessert.

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