Crystal Fish

8 Jan

The holiday season has a way of making me seek non-traditional holiday foods.  I tend to go Asian for a good reason thanks to the usually non-rich foods of Asian cuisines.  December is that time of the year when we go to California and find ourselves both in the Bay Area and Monterey County.  How fortunate to have the opportunity to go back and forth between those two particular regions of California.

Crystal Fish

The eve before Christmas Eve, my highschool girlfriend (visiting from Alameda County, east of SF for those of you interested) and I went to Monterey, where my family and I usually take our visitors for “show and tell”.  Crystal Fish was our restaurant mission for the night.

inside Crystal Fish

The place is small but busy and lively.  As it is, I prefer cozy traditional seafood restaurants to enormous ones that make me feel as if I should be wearing stilettos, tight pants, and a scandalous top because apparently a club atmosphere is de rigueur for Japanese restaurants these days.  Do pardon my ranting.  Crystal Fish has none of that flashy ambiance.  Thank the seafood gods.

Crystal Fish menu

What to have?  What to have?

I choose you (no, not Pikachu) Totoro Roll and Pink Dragon Roll.  Come on, how could anyone pass up Totoro?

Totoro Roll and Pink Dragon Roll





Would I return to Crystal Fish again?

A definite check!

Crystal Fish on Urbanspoon

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