Beach Cafe in Kirkland

15 Dec

Kirkland, a lakeside city in the Eastside, has a lot of daytime things-to-do for a small suburban city: from art galleries to waterfront parks, the city is worth a day visit.  Kirkland is also a reliable place to get good eats… well, almost reliable.

I once promised my girlfriend, Helen, that I would make whatever she wants, and when she requested burgers, I drew the line at that since she was pregnant at the time, and frankly, when cooking for a preggy I prefer it’d be done thoroughly.  I respectfully denied my friend’s request and made her Hawaiian meatballs as a substitute.  To carry out my promise six months ago of treating her to a burger and three months since she delivered her second bundle of joy, we went to lunch at Kirkland’s Beach Cafe.

view from Beach Cafe2

The restaurant has a wonderfully serene waterfront view, though I can imagine it being busy during warmer days.  The service is decent with the servers being polite and quick on their feet.  As for the food… the food could be better.

Crunchy Calamari

We started off with the Crunchy Calamari which wasn’t a bad start.  But since I was in a calamari mood and was straight out hankering for calamari, I fear that I might give the dish too much of a good rave.  So I’ll pass on this.  I liked the crunchy calamari and let’s end it there.

Herb Crusted Cod and Chips

Now the Herb Crusted Cod and Chips is where we start the not-so-nice review.  The chips were good, almost very good when I think about how crispy they were, but the fish, which happens to be what makes this dish pricey, had a tough crust.  I love malt vinegar but I prefer to have only squirts of the acidic solution on my fish and chips; instead, I ended up soaking the herb crusted cod just to soften the crust.  To be fair, the cod without the crust was nice and flaky.  Why the cook/chef chose the route of crusting the fish instead of battering, I’ll never know.

I’ve had many rave worthy fish-and-chips for much less the price of the Herb Crusted Cod and Chips.  Given that, it made me feel like I was paying for the view, not so much the meal.

Drunken Burger

Thankfully, Helen liked her Drunken Burger.  I was glad that she did since I consider the burger a compensation for when I couldn’t carry out my promise.  We both shared our chosen dishes with one another so I was able to taste the Drunken Burger and the sweet potato fries.  The fries were just as a good as my chips.  The burger, on the other hand, would taste better if I were a bit drunk.  For me, Five Guys still wins the round for a good no-frills burger.

Would I return?

Maybe for the fries, the view, and to try something else.

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