Workin’ Farmer Style

7 Dec

I have a deep abiding respect for people who work the land and sea.  My paternal grandparents were farmers throughout their working lives, with my paternal grandfather having been both a farmer and fisherman; as for my maternal grandfather, he was a forest ranger in his younger years.  People who make a career tilling the earth are hardworking folks who have to contend with elements outside of their control.  How’s that for work challenges.

While in msnNOW, I came across The Peterson Farm Bros’ parody on Gangnam Style called “Farmer Style” and I couldn’t help but smile.  Gangnam Style has less than 99 million views away from 1 billion views, while the more modest and very cute Farmer Style has over 2 million views.  Let’s help “Farmer Style” get more views, shall we.

“… Without the farmers workin’ we would all be starvin’.  You know what I’m sayin’!…”

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