Noble Court

25 Nov

San Francisco has great dim sum places.  Seattle, not just Chinatown, has great dim sum joints too.  Into that same list of “great dim sum places” dim sum fans can add the cities of Los Angeles, New York, San Jose/Bay Area cities, Oahu cities, and Richmond (BC).  Obviously, it’s a personal list and not complete.  In that list though, I don’t think I’d add Bellevue.

The Hubby and I always welcome Thanksgiving leftovers.  We love them.  It’s like Thanksgiving all over again.  We also welcome a change of pace after all the turkey.  I, for one, hanker for Asian cuisine and it doesn’t matter what Asian country the cuisine is from.  In the case of dim sum, it’s Chinese fare.  I enjoy dim sum especially since some of the foods are common in my family’s regular meals (i.e. eggrolls, dumplings, vegetables).  In Washington, Seattle is my go-to place for dim sum.  But for the first time, I went to an Eastside dim sum place.  Noble Court, actually.  I went because of a friend.  The things we do for friends…

I’m not sure whether I like the restaurant or not.  Because I’ve been to better dim sum places, comparing Noble Court to them would mean giving it an upfront “Don’t like”.  However, if I were to focus my review on Eastside dim sum places, I could give Noble Court a premature “Like” since it’s my first Eastside dim sum restaurant and I have nothing to compare it to.

I was busy shoving dumplings in my mouth so The Hubby took the photos.  Very nice photos, aren’t they?  He used his über cool Nokia Lumia 920.

I think the food was so-so.  It’s average.  Nothing’s wrong with average though, because I’d rather have average than say, this.  In the Eastside, sometimes we just end up being okay with what get in terms of ethnic cuisines.

Curiously… let’s look at what King County Public Health has to say about Noble Court.  It looks like the restaurant received a “satisfactory” result since the last inspection.  But then it has so many “unsatisfactory” grades.  Oh… ick.  Food poisoning will affect a healthy immune system with symptoms that would cause major discomfort but tolerable; on the other hand, it can be serious for those with weak/weakened immune systems.  My immune system is in good condition, but I don’t care to spend hours of my day on the commode.  Given my public health background, it looks like I’m going to go with my guts and say I don’t think I’d want to return until Noble Court earns more “satisfactory” or better food inspection results.

Noble Court Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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