Stop Zombie Mouth

30 Oct

We always talk about food here, but we forget to talk about cleaning our pie (and candy) holes.  According to the Surgeon General, tooth decay is the single most common chronic childhood disease.  Tooth decay is not pretty.  To fight zombie mouth, follow the simple guideline of maintaining a nutritious diet and make sure to clean your mouth after every meal.

Need more help?  Here are some tips from the Stop Zombie Mouth campaign.  Click away on the image to learn how to prevent tooth decay.

The American Dental Association and PopCap Games have teamed up to Stop Zombie Mouth and are giving away fun freebies like Plants vs. Zombies™ as a sweet alternative to sweets.  The game which has a value of $19.95 is available for free from October 30 until November 10, 2012 so get it while you can.  You’ll need a game code to download the game, and the code is PEAH8R.

For the Halloweenies, Halloweeners, and trick-or-treaters out there gearing up for Halloween, remember to do as your dentist tells you to after you enjoy your hoards of treats… otherwise, “halitosis that is your prognosis”.  Click on the image to meet the Putrid Posse and to watch their colorful music video.

Happy Halloween and keep your mouth clean!

American Dental Association:
Stop Zombie Mouth:

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