California Proposition 37

18 Oct

California is the playground of food lovers: from Alice Waters who started fighting the good fight of organic and sustainable food movement in Berkeley over 40 years ago, to U.C. Berkeley professor, Michael Pollan, who has been enlightening this generation with the ins-and-outs of the food industry.  And now California is taking the spotlight again in the food movement.  More recently, a showdown has been going on in the Golden State between supporters of Prop 37 and foes of Prop 37.

This is a food fight I’d like to be a part of, don’t you.

What is Prop 37?

Proposition 37 is the genetically modified food labeling initiative.  If you want to know whether your food is genetically engineered or not, this Prop is for you.

Why is Prop 37 important?

If you find nutritional labels helpful and if labels help you make the right decision between buying a food product or not, then Prop 37 is important.  As a consumer, if you care about transparency and you want to demand more from the companies that manufacture and produce your food, then Prop 37 is important.

However, Prop 37 opponents are pushing back with arguments that say there will be “increased costs to consumers” and “higher grocery bills”.  Seeing that the anti-Prop 37 group consists of “Big Food” companies such as Monsanto then one can understand why threat tactics are being used to make their anti- GMO labeling case.  I guess if the prices of the food products manufactured by Big Food will only increase, then we’ll know which brands to avoid, and also that should drive us to visit local farmers’ markets often and to support grocery stores that promote the products of local farmers and local food manufacturers.

Who loves farmers’ markets?

I love farmers’ markets, and I know so many of my family members and friends do too.  And I’m pretty certain my family’s friends and my friends’ family do also.  And I’m sure their friends and family members love farmers’ markets as well, and…  Well, you get the picture and also, here’s a photo collage from the Evergreen State with love.

Who loves food from people we can trust?  We do!

Why do we love farmers’ markets?

I love being able to chat with the food producers.  I love learning about where my food is from and what was used in the growing and production process.  I love that my trust as a consumer doesn’t feel shaken when I talk to local farmers and merchants.  I don’t want to speak for everyone but I have a feeling that anyone who supports farmers’ markets feel similarly to the way I do: loving the fact that my questions and concerns about food are respected and even welcomed.

Now what?

If you haven’t already, join The Right To Know Campaign.

Even if you’re not a Californian, this initiative is a part of the movement towards democratizing our local, national, and global food supply; helping improve the lives of farmworkers; increasing food safety standards; improving food production and manufacturing regulations; and promoting a biodiverse farming ecology.

Support The Right To Know Campaign if:
1.  You have family, friends, lovers, and frienemies in California who are saying YES to Prop 37
2.  If you care about what you eat
3.  If you care about how your food is produced
4.  If you care about farmworkers and people involve in planting, growing, picking, catching, and doing what it takes to put the vegetable/fruit/meat/fish/poultry/grains on your dinner table
5.  If you care about the environment and its future

On November 6 let’s vote with our brain.  And for all of you in California, vote with your brain and also vote with your gut on behalf of all of us who care.

Yes On 37:
No On 37:
Prop 37: genetically altered food fight:
Money pouring in to defeat Prop. 37:
End undue Influence vote yes on Prop 3:
Solutions for a cultivated planet: 


A shoutout to Kat, my sister and fellow Californian, thank you for opening the Prop 37 conversation with me and requesting I post about it.   Anyone who cares about food (yea, fellow food bloggers, I’m talking to you!) should bring up this Prop to the public’s attention.


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