Missing California

12 Jun

It’s late spring and we’re eight days shy of when summer “officially” begins.  Thoughts of summer usually conjure up images of sunshine, the beach, berries, and melons, at least for me.  If you’re lacking in the imagination department and you can’t think up of what summer is about, here, let Google images help you.

These past few days, decked out in cool weather clothes, I’ve come close to making a live offering to various ancient sun gods and goddesses, just for a bit of sunshine.  I’ve even made appeals here and there to Ra.  This is how my appeal went…

Ra, Ra, he’s our man.  If he can’t do it, no one can.  Yeah! Ra!

It’s important that you flail your arms around and leap around with joy.  There is no other way to speak to Ra.

For those of you in cities suffering a lack of sunshine, please feel free to use the cheer.  I mean, appeal.  Yesterday, my sun god, Ra, came through.  Even a few hours of sun and warmth felt like heaven.

Under normal conditions (meaning any other season but summer), I enjoy the grayness and cool weather here, but when we’re closing in on summer and there’s nothing but “showers”, “mostly cloudy”, and “partly cloudy” (why can’t they even call it “partly sunny”) in the forecast (I mean, just look at the chart below!), it makes me feel like the gods are laughing at us.  And surely Ra laughed at my attempts to get his attention.  On the sunny side, we get three days of sunshine six days after summer begins.

I had good reasons for leaving the Golden State and choosing to live (temporarily) in the Evergreen State, but with the weather being the way it is, all I can think of is California.  California with its sunshine.  California with its over 840 miles of coastline.  California with its beaches.  California…

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