Maneki Japanese Restaurant

30 May

Are you: visiting Seattle?  new to Seattle?  a Seattlelite who loves Japanese cuisine?  Eat at Maneki for a taste of Seattle history.  Located in the International District, a go-to hub for many Seattlelite Asian Americans and a must-see for Seattle tourists, Maneki offers good Japanese food at reasonable prices.  Japanese restaurants in DT area tend to be hip and modern, and serve fusion cuisine.  Maneki, in the ID, offers simple and well-known Japanese fare.  The restaurant can get really busy and thanks to an advice from a Japanese-Hawaiian-Seattlelite friend, named Chris, I made a reservation.

My family lives both in Central Coast and the Bay Area (both are regions in California, for those unfamiliar), so seafood is a favorite.  Thanks to the Puget Sound, Seattle gets its fair share of fresh seafood and I didn’t have to hunt high and low for a seafood joint to take my family to.  I wanted their first impression of Seattle to be on the tasty side.

Out of all the orders, my Mom and Kat (youngest sis), chose the best ones which were the mackerel sakana dinner and salmon sakana dinner.  Their dinner came with sashimi, and lucky me, my mother doesn’t like raw seafood and passed hers to me.  Yay!  My father and The Hubby, on the other hand, ordered the steak dinner.

It felt like a maki sushi night for me so I got the spicy tuna roll, durkee roll, and the big mouth roll which earned me raised eyebrows from our hostess.  And truly, the big mouth deserves its name.

Maneki serves generous portions and we all left with leftovers.  The hosts and servers are friendly, and the food is good and simple.  I do wish that the tatami rooms get a good cleaning.  The management ought to consider changing the mats.  Aside from that, Maneki is worth a try.

I want to end with three words: age dashi tofu.

Maneki Japanese Restaurant
304 6th Avenue South
Seattle WA 98104
(206) 622-2631
Maneki Restaurant on Urbanspoon


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