Homemade Poutine

29 Apr

Poutine is heavy, greasy, and very tasty.  Dieters beware!  This dish is loaded with carbs and fat: everything that is terrible for anyone watching their figure.  I’d think that one of my heroines, the lovely and late Jennifer Paterson, would pronounce the dish “yummo” and I would agree with her.

For a poutine fix, we no longer have to venture to Vancouver or seek out poutine places in Seattle.  Beecher’s fresh curds and Five Guys fries, along with homemade gravy, allow us to assemble poutine in a flash.  The Hubby, who is normally patient, becomes abnormally impatient when he hankers for poutine, so it helps when he can quickly put the meal together.

You too can easily and quickly make poutine.  Either pick up frozen fries from a grocery store (cook it first!) or take out fries from your favorite burger joint.  For the cheese, make sure it’s mild, unless you want the flavor to compete with the gravy.


4-6 c fries
6 oz fresh curds or mild cheddar
1 c gravy

Arrange the fries on a plate.  Top the fries with small chunks of fresh curds or mild cheddar.  Spoon or drizzle gravy over the fries and cheese.  Heat in the microwave or oven until cheese is slightly melted.

Smile and serve with a nice chilled drink.


One Response to “Homemade Poutine”

  1. Ryan 1, May 2012 at 7:00 pm #

    Fries from 5 Guys Burgers and Fries worked well. Would like to try the plain Beecher’s curds next time versus their Market Herb version (pictured above).

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