TASTE Restaurant

6 Mar

With only a shared Naked juice for breakfast, and after about two hours of feasting our eyes on Gauguin’s Polynesian inspired work, The Hubby and I were famished.  We weren’t sure where we’d go to sate our appetite but a five minute debate had us settling on Seattle Art Museum’s (or SAM as is known here) very own TASTE Restaurant.  It was the most convenient place to dine in.

TASTE’s menus are simple which makes for a good choice for anyone who knows exactly what they want (whether it’s something meaty or vegetarian).  And for those who don’t have an idea, it’s excellent because the menu list doesn’t involve perusing multiple columns of dishes that would require mulling over.  For someone who usually does meditate over a menu, I surprised myself when I didn’t have to ask for “five more minutes” twice.  In fact, I was ready on the spot.  Although given the polite and fast service, I think I could’ve asked for several “five more minutes” and the server would still have been patient.  Their service is really quite remarkable and the servers made an effort in showing gratitude towards the patrons by saying “Thank you for choosing us”, which is a very good tactic since DT Seattle is teeming with excellent restaurants.

The Hubby’s choice was burger and fries (Skagit River Ranch organic beef burger & frites).  The burger was on the small side but the flavor was pretty impressive.  The fries were generously heaped upon his plate and I’m glad because I have no shame pilfering fries from him.

I wanted meat and I got it in the form of a ham sandwich (Grilled jambon sammy).  My plate of sammy and papaya salad was fantastic.  For a restaurant that serves Northwest cuisine, I wondered why the papaya was used since the fruit is neither a Pacific Northwest origin nor would it grow in our climate, but after the Gauguin exhibit, it was a perfect side salad to have.  The deviled eggs was pretty ordinary, I hate to say.  As for the rum cake dessert (not pictured), it was the perfect end to our meal and also the perfect reminder of Gauguin’s interpretation of Polynesian life.

TASTE Restaurant
1300 1st Ave
Seattle, WA 98101
(206) 903-5291
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2 Responses to “TASTE Restaurant”

  1. ryancr 7, March 2012 at 11:44 am #

    Even though it was a small-ish burger the entre was still filling, even considering a chunk of my fries were pilfered! =)

    The Passport app ( http://windowsphone.com/s?appid=d1e07ba1-2e87-e011-986b-78e7d1a68) helped here as otherwise we wouldn’t have known TASTE takes the Passport (a.k.a. Prime) card (http://passportunlimited.com/ ) which is nice for effectively a free appetizer and desert.


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