No Food Shopping Challenge 2011

29 Dec

A simple food challenge presented by eGullet that I partook in 2009 has become an end-of-the-year tradition for us, which I schedule before we leave for our annual home visit to awesome California.  Doing the challenge before our vacation is an excellent way to clear out frozen and refrigerated foods.  “Waste not, want not”, as the saying goes.

During my first No Food Shopping Challenge in 2009, I made: Broiled black cod with rice, Linguine with anchovies and olives, Broiled shrimp, Baked tuna and pasta casserole, Turkey pot pie, and Kimchee rice and beef stir fry.  In 2010, the dishes I put together from our pantry and freezer were: Mixed greens, turkey sausage, with red beans, Rice congee with spicy bean curd sauce, Pan-fried paneer and couscous, Garlic butter shrimp and rice, Spicy shrimp, kimchee, and noodles, Spicy garlic chicken with rice, and Tea eggs.

For 2011, we saw similar ingredients from the two previous years, which pretty much gives away what we keep in our pantry year round.  Rice, pasta, and beans are staples in our household.  So are crustaceans, it seems.

Wednesday, December 7 – Black eyed peas, collard greens, and rice is what we eat when our tastebuds feel like “going South”

Friday, December 9 – Pasta with tuna and olives is a favorite any time of the year

Monday, December 12 – Prawns with brown butter sauce is soooo finger-lickin’-tastic

Tuesday, December 13 – Fried potato cakes is the result of leftover mashed potatoes from Thanksgiving

Wednesday, December 14– Spicy prawns with coconut rice is my quick take on Southeast Asian cuisine

Saturday, December 18 – Spaghetti with buttered prawns is “Why-we-are-fat-dot-com”, as The Hubby would say

Looking forward to next year’s No Food Shopping Challenge!

2 Responses to “No Food Shopping Challenge 2011”

  1. ryancr at 5:20 pm #

    Thanks for rescuing my botched mashed potatoes, they turned out much better as potato pancakes. And turning a large bag of frozen prawns from Costco into a number of different nommable dishes will always get my vote.


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    […] that the cooking fiasco and the gluttonous eating sessions are over, I look forward to no food shopping for a few […]

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