Kazoo Restaurant

22 Dec

North of Downtown San Jose is Japantown.  “J Town”, for short, is perfectly walkable with only eight blocks from east to west, and three blocks from north to south.  My first introduction to Japantown happened during my senior year as an undergrad living somewhere on 2nd (maybe 3rd St.?) and John (St. John St).  It was my roommate who told me about Japantown being a walking distance from our apartment. With that knowledge, “J Town” became my go-to place for arare and senbei, and for grocery pit stops.  For such a meager stretch of space, Japantown’s small area is maximized with both Japanese and non-Japanese shops being part of the historic community.

Kazoo became my favorite Bay Area Japanese restaurant on December 2008.  Tired and in need of grub after a day at the Tech Museum, my parents, sisters: Claire and Kat, and Claire’s boyfriend: Laurent, came to a harmonious decision that Kazoo is the one, which was preceded by a discordant talk of where to go for dinner, that was effectively put to halt by my Dad.  Kazoo’s fine comfort food dishes sated everyone’s appetite that night.

Three years later on December 21st 2011, I returned with The Hubby.  It was well into dinnertime when we arrived and I was afraid we’d have a long wait, but the servers were quick and the tables turned over fast.

Because we were expected for dinner at my in-laws’ home, The Hubby and I curbed our enthusiasm and had a “snack” which was comprised of agedashi tofu, wakame su, inari sushi, tekka maki, and spicy San Diego roll.  Between the two of us, it was a small order.  I could certainly have used seconds and maybe thirds.  But dinner awaited us; therefore, abstinence was crucial.

And so on December 22nd, we returned.  We arrived about 15 minutes before dinner service began and used our time wisely by walking around J Town.

We had no dinner obligations this time around so we chose items from the menu that we know would fill us.  I was torn between tempura udon and ramen.  It was a hard choice but I eventually chose the tempura udon and made peace with myself.  The Hubby chose the Beef Teriyaki Happy Boat which consisted of beef teriyaki, California roll, along with one piece of each sushi: tuna, yellowtail, salmon, and shrimp.  As always with noodle dishes, I finished mine in record time.  I’m not normally a fast eater unless I’m cheerfully slurping noodles.  Yes, I’m a noodle slurper and I’m in great company.  As for The Hubby, he was happy with the contents of his Happy Boat, and so was I.

We’ll be back Kazoo!  Because we love you!

250 Jackson St
San Jose, CA 95112
(408) 288-9611
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2 Responses to “Kazoo Restaurant”

  1. LD 8, January 2012 at 4:47 am #

    Oh yeah really good food I remember! Let’s go back when I’ll be back soon!!! (I hope:)

  2. chroniccravings 9, January 2012 at 9:15 pm #

    Nous prendrons toi au Kazoo encore lorsque tu visite!

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