A sweet farewell to Toffee

29 Sep

This morning, the last of the sweet piggy duo that was Nougat and Toffee went to her final rest.  It never gets easy losing a pet but the thought that the little friend didn’t have to suffer very long is relieving.  Toffee was an energetic guinea pig and like her sister, Nougat, she loved berries and melons.  She has even eaten bitter melon in the past with little hesitance.  But her favorite melon is watermelon and before she bade us goodbye, she ate a small piece “for the road.”

Though shy and usually disliked being held, Toffee was outgoing and loved to run and hop; if she had long ears, she’d be a bunny.  The piggy service bell was also thoroughly used by Toffee and she was relentless with it.  How I loved the spry little pig.  There will be so much to miss about Toffee, just as there were a lot of things that I missed and still miss about Nougat.  I was once told that grief ultimately fades and the memories only get sweeter…

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Sweet farewell little piggies.


One Response to “A sweet farewell to Toffee”

  1. ryancr 7, October 2011 at 4:21 pm #

    She loved watermelon. Even in her final moments when she couldn’t chew through lettuce (normally the most favoritest thing to a piggy ever) she still happily slurped down a few cubes of seedless watermelon. Luckily both Nougat and Toffee were well enough to keep their appetites until they passed and they rang their food bell the entire way. Their quirky little chirps, grunts, ticks, munches, hops, and squeaks are missed.

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