Cheesy Chili Dogs

4 Sep

After a good hike in Snoqualmie, all we could think of is having a “bucket o’ ‘dogs” and we can thank Fry, Cubert, and Bender for the marvelous idea.  A table that automatically serves a bucket full of hotdogs would be awesome, but since the technology isn’t available yet, we settled for homemade Cheesy Chili ‘Dogs instead.  We don’t have a “butt massager” to help burn calories but I suppose one could consider the hike as a pre butt massage session.

What makes a good Cheesy Chili ‘Dog?  There are buckets of great versions out there, but here’s ours:

Cheesy Chili Dogs 

Hotdogs/Bratwurst (your favorite type)
Chili con carne (get it in a can, we did)
Cheddar cheese, shredded
Jalapeños, chopped
Onion, chopped
Hotdog bun (optional)

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    […] in our part of the world, eating soft-shell crabs might actually be more patriotic than eating hotdogs.  (*The technical term used is molting, I only call them strippers for fun).   The […]

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