Ballard Brothers Seafood and Burgers

3 Sep

Our Labor Day Weekend plan initially included my parents’ visit and crossing the border for Vancouver, but was changed because they visited my younger sister in London instead.  Who can blame them?  I’d choose London over Seattle any day… over many cities any day.  No offense, Seattle.  (And like a good city, Seattle replies, “None taken.”)

The Hubby and I crossed the 520 to visit a Capitol Hill boutique that will remain nameless because I’m secretive like that.  Since we were already in Seattle, we drove north to Ballard to pay a friend a super quick visit.  And since we were already in Ballard, we decided to try out a new restaurant.

After consulting my trusty WP7 with a search for a list of Ballard restaurants, we chose Ballard Brothers Seafood and Burgers.  I wanted seafood and The Hubby wanted a burger (who later changed his mind and ordered salmon).  We assumed that the 3.73 stars out of 5 that it received in My Ballard meant that it would be better than okay.

I dislike it when my assumptions turn out wrong.  I haven’t encountered a Ballard restaurant that I don’t like… until Ballard Brothers.

My reasons –

Ambience:  It’s your standard family restaurant playing classic rock-n-roll in the background.  (2.5/5)

Service:  The staff is average.  They take your order, they prepare your order, and they clean up the joint.  (2.5/5)

Food:  I expected better.  Ivar’s Seafood Bar at the Waterfront (Pier 54) would have been a better choice.  The fries weren’t bad but the Cajun Popcorn Shrimps were on the tough side and the “hand-cut and breaded” (more like “0pened-a-bag-from-the-freezer”) cod fillets weren’t flaky and was too fishy.  For someone who’ve had tons of fish-and-chips in London and Cornwall, the Ballard Brothers Cod Fish N’ Chips is sub par.  The Hubby liked his Cajun Blackened Salmon and that’s why I’m giving it 2 points and not 1 point.  (2/5)

Despite not liking Ballard Bros., I’m glad we, at least, tried it.  I’m not recommending not to try the place.  It did get 3.73 stars based on 132 votes with My Ballard (since I last checked), so some people like it.  Just not me.

Ballard Brothers Seafood and Burgers
5303 15th Ave NW
Seattle, WA
(206) 784-4440
Ballard Brothers on Urbanspoon

3 Responses to “Ballard Brothers Seafood and Burgers”

  1. EMC 7, September 2011 at 7:58 pm #

    I went to Ballard Brothers once and was definitely not a fan, either. Yuuuuck.

    • chroniccravings 9, September 2011 at 5:26 pm #

      It’s nice being vindicated by a fellow food lover. 😉


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