Sangria y sangria blanca

14 Aug

There’s nothing like beating wintertime chill and blues with eggnog, mulled wine, or hot spiced cider.  Or all three even, if you really want.  During summer, on the other hand, comes an explosion of drinks perfect for beating the heat… and to name a few… pina colada, Long Island iced tea, margarita, mai tai, daiquiri, et cetera, et cetera.  For my family, sangria is the summer drink of choice.  That is specifically, sangria blanca.  Sangria requires red wine while sangria blanca involves white wine.  My father has a lovely recipe shared to him by a cousin, but I wanted to “go my own way” (yes, a reference to Fleetwood Mac) and used a different mix of summer fruits for the sangrias served at a recent lunch affair with friends.

The ingredients for sangria are: wine, sugar, fruits, brandy, and juice (the last two ingredients are optional).  Keep in mind that the entire bottle of wine is a part of the recipe, the additions are based on your taste requirements, which means you can add as much sugar and juice as your sweet-tooth dictates.

Here’s a simple photographic narrative of how to make a sangria and a sangria blanca.

Chill overnight and enjoy.

Happy summer!


One Response to “Sangria y sangria blanca”

  1. ryancr 24, August 2011 at 8:39 pm #

    Good fruit, none of were out of place– neither too hard, or too strong in flavor. Only downside was the pitcher’s neck blocked fruit on the pour. =)

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