A Crabby Dinner

10 Jul

It isn’t summer without at least one evening of a seafood dinner.  Bring on the crustaceans!  And bring out the seafood crackers and picks…  It’s a messy ordeal, I know.  But what you get in return is mouthwatering crab meat.  Keep a butter sauce nearby to dip your crab meat in and get ready for an orgastic experience.

Not sure how to steam crabs?  Here’s how:

1. In a pot large enough to fit all the crabs and/or crab legs, mix water, your alcohol preference (beer or wine, not both), and seasonings until you get about an inch deep of mixture.  I don’t recommend adding any herbs because you don’t want to overpower the delicate taste of crab meat.

2. Cover and steam for about half an hour.  There will be a color change from a dark (grayish blue) color to the color of cooked crustacean we all know, which is orange-red.

There, you’re done.  Easy peasy.

For those of you with the conscience of a saint, you may not want the guilt of inflicting pain and death to an innocent animal.  Researchers at Queen’s University have found that crabs “feel and remember” pain.  Granted, once the crab is cooked, it won’t remember anything.  Anyway, bon appétit and don’t forget the butter sauce!


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