Sammamish Farmers Market

20 May

This past Wednesday, Sammamish had its 4th annual Farmers Market.  We do our best to support our local merchants and producers so we’ve always patronized the city farmers’ market.  Redmond has a Saturday market; however, our new city of Sammamish has its market day on Wednesday from 4pm until 8pm.  The hubby and I normally go to the market  together (not to buy a fat pig, since we already have one) but it looks like I’ll be flying solo this time around since work keeps him tied up, sometimes until the wee hours of the morning.  By the by, he came home early (he considers 7pm early) to join me in celebrating the start of the market season. 

The ringing of the cowbell to celebrate the season happened at 4pm, which we missed.  I was justifiably miffed, though I got over it quick enough to enjoy the sun and the entertaining ruckus of children playing and people milling about.

There were three vendors that caught our attention, one being our favorite booth in the Redmond Saturday Market, which we’re excited to learn that the vendor also participates in the Sammamish Farmers Market.  The Sky Valley Farm booth is our go-to vendor for duck eggs and good Italian sausage.  Have I mentioned that it’s our favorite vendor?

A booth away from the pork and eggs booth was the plant vendor.  The gentleman in charge of the booth is quite knowledgeable about gardening.  Good nurseries sometimes charge a pretty penny for starter plants so it’s nice to know that once a week, I can go to the market and pick up quality plants. 

Where’s the beef?!   Just across the plant booth is the beef booth and the last we visited.  As I was taking a photo of the booth, a woman came whizzing by and blocked the shot.  I noticed the shirt she wore had “localvore” on it; unless that was intentional, for what reason I have no clue — I believe the actual word is locavore.  That’s it for the foofaraw and back to the beef… the representative from Gradwohl’s Beef Farm who was manning the booth proclaimed that all their cows have names, to which I immediately commented, “That’s morbid!”  Will it be Cowabunga or Daisy that we’ll have for fajitas? Maybe the cows are just like the Major Cow from H2G2… How awesome would that be.

I wanted tomatoes but it’s too early in the season for that so we made do with walking around and checking the other booths on site.  We found a vendor selling baked goods.  Alas, no cookies, resulting in short-lived disappointment for the hubby, the cookie king.  So with that we headed home and I planted my lettuce and cabbage starters.  The duck eggs will be made into an omelet.  As for Betsy or Cowdude, “beef, it’s what’s for dinner.”


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