Smart Puffs

4 Mar

I made the mistake of packing late two nights ago.  Pulling books that housed several species of dust bunnies when there’s inadequate circulation was not a smart move.  With a temperature of near freezing, I didn’t open any windows in order to keep the heat in.  However, I did turn on all three available exhaust fans so maybe that helped a tad with ventilation. Yesterday, I began packing early afternoon to take advantage of the tolerably cool temperature and the few minutes of sunshine which allowed me to keep the windows open.  For a couple of hours, I sauntered around the apartment looking like a bandit with a bandana mask on and toting packaging materials.  To provide better packing ambience, I turned on the 360 so Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons can play in the background. Like dinnerware and drinkware, books must be painstakingly packed.  Perhaps that’s just me. I’m happy that there are only five more shelves to empty.  One small bookcase is practically empty and that makes me happier.  I managed to make it through box #10 before it began to rain.  Thus, the weather necessitated closing the windows and consequently haulting my activity. During my breather (literally), I snacked on PIRATE BRANDS Smart Puffs.  I finished bag #1 a couple of nights ago when I first started packing and finished bag #2 yesterday afternoon.  There’s something about packing that makes me crave Smart Puffs.  The most critical of you are probably saying, “Cheese puffs for dinner?  Why, that’s just empty calories!”  Fine, so it is.  But you know, they’re cheesetastic empty calories.  So there. And for the weekend… more packing.  Hopefuly, more Smart Puffs too.

3 Responses to “Smart Puffs”

  1. ryancr 6, March 2011 at 4:20 pm #

    Well, that explains where the Smart Puffs went. =)

  2. jlao 23, March 2011 at 12:50 pm #

    You’re moving? I’m so out of touch! When’s a good time to call you?

    • chroniccravings 25, March 2011 at 1:10 pm #

      We are. 🙂 But we’re still staying put in the beautiful Evergreen State. Come visit!

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