Seventh Day of Funny Valentines

13 Feb

Finally and as promised, here is something food-related for my last day of Seven Days of Funny Valentines!

Valentine’s Day has been associated with chocolates since time immemorial or whenever it was that it became yet another holiday prey to capitalism.  On the other hand, Valentine greeting cards began circulating in the 19th century.  Or so I learned in Wiki.

But back to chocolates… Not really much of a funny valentine but I can certainly try to make it so.  If you have an unconventional Valentine, why don’t you give him/her a chocolate gift just as unconventional.  Here are a few examples.

How about spicy chocolates for your adventurous Valentine?  Cowgirl Chocolates has a tantalizing array of spicy bar flavors such as Spicy Lime/Tequila Dark Chocolate and Spicy Mint Milk Chocolate.  You might think that peppers and chocolate do not make a great combination but think of it this way: chocolate is considered an aphrodisiac and so are chili peppers.  Now get yourself some spicy chocolate, and get those endorphins rushing, and get giddy-yupping.

For the open-minded Valentine who has a vendetta against creepy critters and wouldn’t mind seeing them on a plate, consider chocolate covered insects.  Sure, you could get her/him a box of Godiva chocolates… or you could get a box of Chocolate Covered Crickets from Fluker’s instead.  Bizarre but delicious.  And I can attest that toasted bugs are pretty yummy – at least I find them so.  Now imagine toasted bugs concealed in chocolate… just like crunchy chocolate then.

Suppose you just want a traditional Valentine’s Day, then to help you get in the proper mood to celebrate the day of romance and chocolates and roses, here’s a small collection of cute chocolate commercials, specifically Cadbury chocolate… because I’m biased.  Click the images to view the videos in a separate window.

The following videos are from GLASS and a HALF FULL PRODUCTIONS and the first one demonstrates how chocolate is made… if only.  If you’re one of those people who likes to take a creative approach in explaining how things are made, you can take a page from this following commercial when explaining to a kid how chocolate is produced.

Too cute!  And if you haven’t seen this commercial already, then now you can see for yourself just how cute it is.

This next video will take us back in time when rabbits talked and shared caramel chocolates with each other.  (Then afterwards, they’d mate like bunnies do.)

To the beat and rhythm of The Beach Boys’ Wouldn’t it Be Nice?, this last commercial makes me wish that there’s such a thing as a chocolate ocean.  Maybe that’s too big of a wish… How about a river of chocolate?  Lake?  Pond?

Happy V-day!


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