SPUD review

11 Feb

Yesterday, our first SPUD order arrived and I can’t say enough how pleased we are with our delivered grocery.  We’ve heard of grocery delivery services such as AmazonFresh, Peapod, and Netgrocer, but none has made us enthusiastic enough to try it.  Enter, SPUD.  SPUD stands for “Sustainable Produce Urban Delivery”… organic produce delivered right at your doorstep.

SPUD’s website is so inviting that I poked around the site and read about the company’s purpose and mission.  To be perfectly honest, SPUD makes food shopping doubly fun. SPUD has a great selection of fresh produce and grocery products, and everything is efficiently categorized in their website.  Also, they have rewards points!  When you’ve earned enough points, you can get some amount of dollars off on your next grocery purchase.  SPUD is also quite sweet and generous.  Two organic golden nugget tangerines were included in our order, compliments of SPUD.  Really, how awesome is that.

Below are images of our first SPUD order.  Just look at the care they put into packaging.  As you can see, the frozen and refrigerated food products are contained in freezer bags.

For the busy family, bachelorette, bachelor, couple, etc., SPUD is a godsend.  For the time being, Spud delivers to only a few cities up and down the West Coast and even fewer cities in Canada.  I hope they expand because this is definitely a service worth supporting.  For those of you living in the areas where SPUD has a presence, give SPUD a try.

It’s obvious I’m rooting for this company and I’m shamelessly promoting it, so I’m going to take it one step further and post a SPUD “Refer a Friend” letter.

Hello Friend!

I thought you might be interested in trying Spud, the online grocery delivery service I use. Beautiful produce, local dairy and bakery products, as well as a wide range of delicious groceries. All of this and flexible delivery at no extra charge and no commitment. If you’d like to try them out you can save $25 over your first 4 deliveries. Simply go to www.Spud.com and sign-up using promo code CRSEA-CAGMIC.

Take care!

Here’s to your health and to your community!


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  1. chroniccravings 14, January 2014 at 12:59 pm #

    Reblogged this on Chronic Cravings and commented:

    Happy 2014! Almost 3 years since I first wrote my SPUD review on February 11, 2011. To be honest, my experience with SPUD was initially great then it tapered off early 2012 because of my disagreements with some of their practices. I restarted my SPUD orders again in early 2013 to give SPUD another chance. That said, I’ve stayed with them since due to their improved customer relations, and additionally, they’ve been actively listening to their customers. There has been changes in SPUD since I rejoined. One of the changes is that the “Refer-a-Friend” promotion is good for $20.00 off the first order and for new customers only. For those interested, the order must be a minimum of $50.00 for the promotion to apply. For those interested in knowing where their food comes from, prefer organic produce, locally-sourced foods, and would like their groceries to come from companies that give back to their communities, SPUD is worth a try.


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