Fifth Day of Funny Valentines

9 Feb

Day 5 – Romance coupons

Day five of Seven Days of Funny Valentines and do I have something free and simple for you, courtesy of Romance Stuck.  The website is devoted to “helping you add more love and romance to your life.”  One way they do this is by giving helpful suggestions such as this helpful article called, 7 Sexy Valentine’s Day Gifts for Men.  Below is part of it.


For those with great memory, you’ll remember that the chocolate body frosting was mentioned in Day One of my Funny Valentines count off.  And yes, that idea was from Romance Stuck.

Look at the headings circled in red.  There’s a reason why I have prescribed reading glasses…  When I first looked over the article, I read, “Show Up at Work”, “Wear Nothing but a Tie” which caused me to LOL, ROFL, and LMAO – all at once.  Had I been drinking milk, I’m sure I’d have squirted the liquid out my nose.  How sexy.

Tip number six has a red underline under “you take of dessert,” which came after “He got the reservations.”  I thought of two possible fixes for this error:

1)      He got the reservations, you take off dessert.  (As in, take off those yummy candy underpants.)

2)      He got the reservations, you take care of dessert.  (Which is really probably what the author meant.)

Go back to the list and see number five: “Give him sexy coupons.”  This service is free.  Free is good.  All you need is a printer, sheets of paper, and your generosity plus imagination.  Also, you could make them on your own using index cards or any 3×5-sized papers.   Decorate your coupons any way you want.

Look Hubby, I made one for you!  Happy early V-day!

*No food-related stuff on this article, but I promise to make it up later.  Just let me take care of my V-day hang-ups first.*


One Response to “Fifth Day of Funny Valentines”

  1. ryancr 9, February 2011 at 7:03 pm #

    Aww, that’s sweet. Now to decide which MST3K to watch…

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