Fourth Day of Funny Valentines

7 Feb

Day 4 – Jumper cables

Mark your calendars, folks.  Valentine’s Day is in a week.  That’s in seven days!  Contar conmigo.  ¡Uno, dos, tres, cuatro, cinco, seis, siete! Yay, now we can all count up to seven in Spanish.

Fourth day of Seven Days of Funny Valentines and Gayot comes to the rescue again.  On Gayot’s list of “Top 10 Romantic Gifts”, the best is saved for last… drumroll, por favor… and we have, Michelin Jumper Cables. 

When I saw the item on their list, my jaw literally dropped and it took a few seconds of reading their blurb before I was able to drag my mind out of the gutter.  I suppose if a few mA through your system rocks your boat, then enjoy.  If not, then join the crowd. 

*No food-related stuff on this article, but I promise to make it up later.  Just let me take care of my V-day hang-ups first.*


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