I doughnut belong here

26 Jan

I’m 26 days late with this greeting, but you know that popular saying… “Better late than never”… well, I’m going to employ it.  So Happy New Year!  26 days later…

El hubby guapo forwarded a yummy twist on the chorus of Radiohead’s woeful and gripping song, “Creep”.  See the original on 9GAG.  This popular heartbreaking song has never sounded so delicious.

Have fun singing along to Crepe “Creep”.  Don’t get too hungry.

CORRECTION: Original source is from tumblr, not 9GAG.


3 Responses to “I doughnut belong here”

  1. EMC 27, January 2011 at 2:13 pm #

    HA! Hilarious!

    Now, of course, I want a Nutella crepe with caramel drizzle. Conveniently, there is a crepe place in my area of town. Hmmm… ^_^

  2. ryancr 28, January 2011 at 2:13 am #

    Source of “I’m a crepe” is this guy: http://luckyshirt.tumblr.com/post/383121472/begun-the-crepe-wars-have-i-will-always

    Here, some doughnut seeds: http://jasonfulford.com/eat_3a.html


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    […] not for purists, traditionalists, and naysayers but for adventurous and daring food lovers.  And I doughnut give a fudge to those who can’t see a donut other than being a donut.  As for me, I propose […]

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