No Food Shopping Challenge 2010

19 Dec

Winter 2009, I participated in my first “No Food Shopping Challenge“, a challenge pitched by eGullet, a nonprofit organization comprised of gastronomists, both professional and home cooks, and chefs… all food lovers alike, whose mission is to promote the culinary arts.  This year, I decided to take on the challenge again and I have a strong feeling that it’ll become a winter tradition.  It’s a perfect way to put all the non-perishables and frozen foods accumulated from the previous months to good use.  Not to mention, saving that grocery budget meant for the week.

This year, rule #3 saved the day again as we had to make a lettuce run for Toffee.  If she doesn’t get her day’s ration of lettuce, we literally will not hear the end of it.  Aside from that bit, and the day I somewhat cheated when I asked for the Hubz to literally “bring home the bacon”, as well as the night we dined out, dinner between December 12 and December 19 consisted of what was available in our fridge and pantry, and no food shopping were done.

Here are this year’s results:

Saturday, December 11 – Mixed Greens, Turkey Sausage, with Red Beans and Rice

Sunday, December 12 – Rice Congee with Spicy Bean Curd Sauce

Monday, December 13 – leftovers

Tuesday, December 14 – Pan-fried Paneer and Couscous

Wednesday, December 15 – I sort of cheated… the hubba, hubba Hubz brought home pizza at my behest.  I whined that I didn’t want to cook and he obliged by bringing home a meat-ladened pie.

Thursday, December 16 – Garlic Butter Shrimp and Rice

 And because I was feeling frisky in the kitchen that night, I also made Spicy Shrimp, Kimchee, and Noodles.

Friday, December 17 – Dined at Moshi Moshi Sushi

Saturday, December 18 – Spicy Garlic Chicken and Rice

 Sunday, December 19 – Tea Eggs (eggs boiled in herbal tea)

And that’s the end of this year’s challenge.  I wonder what next year’s results will be…

2 Responses to “No Food Shopping Challenge 2010”

  1. ryancr at 4:15 pm #

    Go rule #3, otherwise guinea pigs have a very hard time wrapping their minds around “no lettuce this week, sorry.”


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    […] shrimp, Baked tuna and pasta casserole, Turkey pot pie, and Kimchee rice and beef stir fry.  In 2010, the dishes I put together from our pantry and freezer were: Mixed greens, turkey sausage, with […]

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