A sweet farewell to Nougat

21 Nov

Seven days ago, Nougat, one of our two dear guinea pigs, bade us farewell.  Burrowed into her bedding with her legs neatly tucked underneath her, she peacefully went to a deep, endless sleep.  Losing someone is hard.  Losing a loved one is even harder.  We love that little piggy.  Nougat was sweet, calm, cuddly, and demanding.  Her service bell rang regularly, our signal that the piggy wanted something other than pellets for food.  She loved to eat and we couldn’t help but humor the gourmet pig.

Aside from being a foodie pig, Nougat was also a photogenic pet.  As my tribute to the guinea pig that stole my heart, here are some of her best moments in front of the camera.  Hope you’re being fed well, little piggy.  Where ever you are.

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One Response to “A sweet farewell to Nougat”

  1. ryanr 22, November 2010 at 6:25 pm #

    Nougat lived a long, healthy, piggy life. She was here for the food and enjoyed the company while she ate. Farewell, little one.

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