Joshua’s Heart Foundation

1 Oct

We have entered autumn – darkness descends on us earlier and earlier, we’re getting more rain, the non-Evergreen trees are changing colors, and it is now October.  Of course, the weather changes I mentioned are specific here in the Evergreen State.   For the rest of you not living in the Pacific Northwest, you’re probably experiencing a different seasonal chage.

For me, the somewhat bleak weather was tempered by a heartwarming video I saw in from a series called “Making a Difference” which is all about, as its title states, people who are making a difference.  The latest presentation, featured in Nightly News with Brian Williams, is about a small boy with a big heart named Joshua Williams from Miami, Fl.  Now we don’t usually get such good news from that part of the nation so I found the feature a pleasant surprise.  I tried to embed the video but, sadly, WP doesn’t support it.  Joshua, with help from his mother, started an organization determined to “stomp out hunger”.  If you want to get the fuzzies too and see the big difference this little man is making, click the photo below.  And if you want to learn more and help, go here: Joshua’s Heart.


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