Coconut-Lime Cookies

24 Aug

And the award for “Best Summer Cookies” goes to Chewy Lime Cookies.  Elaine, a Seattlelite gal pal, found the recipe for Chewy Lime Cookies from one of her favorite food blogs, My Baking Addiction.  You can’t talk to her without going hungry after a few minutes, as she enjoys talking about food and knows her way around Seattle’s food scene.

Elaine has made several batches of the chewy cookies for different occasions and for each of those occasions the cookies were a hit.   I haven’t had a chance to try the recipe and sample the divine treats, but she has so I asked her for a photograph.  She kindly shared the one and only picture she has of the cookies; since after the photoshoot, the cookies were quickly devoured.  I hear that the cookies are as delicious as they look.

Planning a visit to the Emerald City?  Want to know where locals go?  You can find Elaine yelping food places she has tried here.


One Response to “Coconut-Lime Cookies”

  1. Elaine 30, August 2010 at 5:17 pm #

    My freezer is starting to look like the Land of Frozen Baking Delights as I’ve been on quite the baking spree! I’m not going to lie, I made butterscotch blondies the other day to take to a shindig and I regret nothing. They were soooo good!

    I need to start updating my Yelp page again. The past few months I’ve been trying out new recipes at home and haven’t been out to eat as frequently.

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