Viva l’Olivia Munn

7 Jul

It all began with this Slate article that sparked my curiosity which lead me to check out who Olivia Munn is, then eventually read the Jezebel article that was the reason behind the first article, and seeking a different opinion, I ambled over to The Daily Beast for another post in regards to the girl in question.  It appears that jealous, angry femmes are posting unfair and rather hateful comments and blog articles about a girl they probably don’t personally know.  I, too, don’t know her but I, at least, looked into her website to find out more about her rather than relying on writers’ words.  Fairer writing prevails in the articles produced by Emily Gould (Slate) and Denise Martin (The Daily Beast) which were respectively impartial and personal (Martin actually interviewed Munn).  Really now, Olivia Munn is a comedienne and given her large fan-base, she’s got a schtick that works.  And so what if it’s a male-dominated fan group.  Oh and btw, how are her crazy and sexually suggestive antics any different from any male comedian’s sexual innuendo-filled acts.

In any case, it looks like the “The Best F#@king News Team Ever” just got best-er with their bigger, better, and more diverse group.  We all love Samantha Bee but the Daily Show could use another strong and entertaining female correspondent.   So if you’re interested in the The Daily Show’s new addition dubbed “The New Asian Correspondent” then check out the episodes that Olivia appeared or was mentioned in:

 07/06/2010 – Moment of Zen – Steve Doocy Reads Heat Wave E-Mails

07/01/2010 – Kremlins 2 the New Batch

06/03/2010 – The Spilling Fields

And for those of you who dislike/despise/detest Munn or have any hater-like feelings about her for that matter, well just suck it! on a popsicle, or take a page from her antics and go eat a hotdog or a piece pan of pie, or dive into a giant pie.  You might just feel better afterwards.


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