Lunar New Year treat

15 Feb

Our family friend in Seattle, the Young family, helped us celebrate the Lunar New Year in style when Jessica, the eldest daughter, and who I consider a younger sister figure, came over two days ago to help with wedding prep tasks and also brought along cakes made by her Mom.  Ping yi, as we fondly call her, makes excellent traditional Chinese cuisine, and I’m a sucker for her cooking.  Her soups and noodles are fabulous!  Being a noodle fanatic, I’d sing and dance for several servings of her pan-fried noodles.

When Jessica visited, she brought along three types of cake.  One of them, a pandan-flavored cake, is pictured below.  The other two types were beautifully-moulded water chestnut cakes and a loaf of savory stuffed-rice cake.  The water chestnut cakes were yummy and reminded me of sweetened poi, while the rice cake is still wrapped in banana leaves, but won’t be for long.  The pandan-flavored koi-shaped cake, on the other hand, is too pretty to eat.

Thanks my Seattle ohana for the New Year treats and Happy Lunar New Year everyone!

Gung hay fat choy!


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