Chicken Lau Lau

20 Sep

A twist of an old favorite—here’s a popular Hawaiian dish given a dash of spice.

Spicy Chicken Lau Lau


2 lbs boneless chicken
Hawaiian salt
Taro and/or ti leaves
Season with desired amount of paprika and/or chili powder

I’ve seen and heard of recipes that also include pork and beef so I suppose the meat fans out there can splurge and have fun with this dish.

It’s fairly simple.  First, cut your meat(s) in chunks or cubes (I didn’t, but that’s my choice) then season with the salt and spices.  Next, evenly arrange the meat(s) on the leaves.  The leaves act as a wrap, that said, whatever method works best for you when it comes to enclosing foodstuff, do so.  The traditional recipe link below has a good image of two ways of wrapping so check it out.  The last step depends on how large your bundles are—depending on the size, steam the bundle(s) for 2-4 hours.

Serve with rice and enjoy!

 Chicken Lau Lau

If you’re interested on cooking the traditional version, click on this link.


One Response to “Chicken Lau Lau”

  1. chroniccravings 22, November 2010 at 3:20 pm #

    I know I’m missing salted butterfish in this recipe but I didn’t have it on hand. So consider this a twist on chicken lau lau. 🙂

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