Lunchbox Laboratory

2 Aug

This past Friday evening, Ryan strongly (emphasis on strongly) recommended that I not break my fast on Saturday morning because he wanted to have lunch at the Lunchbox Laboratory. Given that I can down two orders of Red Mill’s Verde veg burger plus sides of fries and onion rings in one seating, my curiosity was piqued. I doubted him but prudence won out and I abstained from breakfast.

Lunchbox Laboratory is a down-to-earth and wonderfully kitschy joint which at point of entry actually made me feel as if I’m a kid again and in a cool friend’s tree house/sanctuary. The Lab’s friendly atmosphere (plus Ryan’s company, or course!) left me feeling warm and fuzzy.

Lunchbox Laboratory

Lunchbox Laboratory

Lunchbox Laboratory

For our first (and definitely not our last) visit, Ryan had the Smoker with fries and I had the TY Cobb’s Masterpiece and slaw. Plus Ryan ordered a Coconut Bliss milkshake—it was indeed blissful. After we finished our respective meals, we were done for. In fact, we had nothing else for the rest of the day other than ice cream and tea.

For me, at least, my first-time eating experience at the Lunchbox Laboratory can be summed up to a meaning equal to that symbolic act of smoking a good cigar after a good nooky, hmm, er, making great whoopee. I had no camera with me at the time of our visit but thanks to R and his phone, we got a few good shots of our orders. Hope the photos leave you hankering for a Lunchbox Lab burger.

Smoker with fries



TY Cobb's Masterpiece with slaw 

TY Cobb's Masterpiece

TY Cobb's Masterpiece

Click here if you want to view more of the Lunchbox Laboratory’s yummy burger creations. Fair warning: you will salivate. So keep something handy to wipe off any dribble.

The Lunchbox Laboratory
7302 1/2 15th Avenue NW
Ballard-Crown Hill, WA 98117
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5 Responses to “Lunchbox Laboratory”

  1. ryanr 3, August 2009 at 12:08 pm #

    That meal left me feeling like a tranquilized bear. It was, however, awesome. A+++ FAST SHIPPING WOULD DO BUSINESS AGAIN.

  2. Elaine 21, August 2009 at 10:04 am #

    I thought I posted a comment about your Lunchbox Laboratory feast, but apparently I didn’t. 🙂

    You should definitely try out their tater tots with smoked tea salt. They’re so delicious and addictive! I’m glad that I don’t carry around actual cash money in my pocket, otherwise I’d swing by far more often than would be healthy. (They’re only about two-ish miles from my place.)

    I also have it on fairly good authority that the dork is tasty. Who knew? I was always curious but dubious, so haven’t ever tried it myself.

  3. presleyanne 12, October 2009 at 4:35 pm #

    What is it? (The dork.) Whatever it is, it makes a great name.


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    […] long (not so long) time ago, during the summer of 2009, we went to Lunchbox Laboratory for the first time.  At that time, Lunchbox Lab was still located in Seattle’s fascinating […]

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