What to do with yuzu?

19 Apr

Yuzu is a citrus fruit popular in colder regions of Asia.  Yuzu’s presence and popularity in Japan (yuzu), China (yòuzi), and Korea (yuja) is not dissimilar to the popularity of lemon in the US of A. However, yuzu has a strong tartness and a nice subtle bitterness; I find it more flavorful than lemon. 


Despite having grown up exposed to various fruits (Mmm, mangoes… mmm, cherimoya…) and vegetables (Bitter melon, anyone? Care for oppo?), I had little awareness of yuzu.  That is until Ryan’s Mom, Nancy, sent us a detailed email about her exciting discovery.  As the story goes, a citrus tree in her yard that has been in residence prior to their move years ago began bearing a promising yield nearing the end of the winter season.  The fruit, however, looks like a lemon gone bad.  A suggestion to toss the fruits was made but she thought better and decided to keep them.  She then asked a nursery clerk about the strange looking fruit and luckily enough, the helpful clerk recognized it as “yuzu” and gave her a pamphlet with more information.  Thereafter, she shared her newfound knowledge with us via email and brought us yuzu fruits when she and Ryan’s Dad, Chris, visited 2+ weeks ago.


So, what to do with yuzu?  Nancy came upon a yummy-sounding recipe involving grilled chicken cured in a yuzu-miso marinate which I’ll have to try in the future.  For now, I opted for something simpler… something very familiar: a Lemon and garlic chicken recipe revised as Yuzu and garlic turkey.  Ryan made it happen as he spent less than a mere thirty minutes preparing and cooking the dish, which turned out very delish!    



One Response to “What to do with yuzu?”

  1. Elaine 21, April 2009 at 11:10 am #

    Mmmm… Looks yummy!

    I like the yuzu sauces that I’ve had on dishes in the past. Perhaps my market will have some yuzu that I can purchase and then experiment with. (This is actually a strong possibility. We have all sorts of weird produce at my grocery store.)

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