On Cottage Cheese and Prop 8

7 Nov

Per Kat’s (my youngest sister) request, I’m posting her thoughts and words in regard to Proposition 8, which “ELIMINATES RIGHT OF SAME–SEX COUPLES TO MARRY. INITIATIVE CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT”. Her convictions are strong and I strongly support her views on gay marriage just as I personally strongly support gay marriage. How unfortunate that Prop 8 won in California.

Why Proposition 8 Reminds Me of Cottage Cheese

“Each time I see an ad supporting Proposition 8, my mind drifts to cottage cheese. I tried cottage cheese once, and I just didn’t like it. However, my whole family loves cottage cheese. They put it on their fruit, their crackers, their bread, and my mom has a strange habit of eating it with her ice cream. Despite this fact, I have never once asked my family to stop eating or buying cottage cheese. When my sister eats cottage cheese I don’t aggressively suggest she tries yogurt instead of cottage cheese. In fact, when I see anyone eating cottage cheese I say or do nothing. Here’s why: if cottage cheese gives pleasure to those I love, I’d hate to take that away from them. I also believe that I can enjoy my cheese of choice even with the existence of cottage cheese. Most importantly, someone liking cottage cheese has absolutely NO effect on my own dietary preference. Though I dislike cottage cheese, I would find the banning of this food stuff as utterly ridiculous and I feel the same way about the banning of same-sex marriage.

Some might find this analogy glib and irreverent (hell, you’d be right to do so). Proponents of Proposition 8 will argue that there’s a great deal at stake with this initiative, that this initiative protects the definition and restores the value of marriage. Is that really what is at stake here? If you don’t know the answer to that, please refer to the glib cottage cheese analogy. The fact of the matter is, at the crux of this initiative is a perpetuation of discrimination, the belittling of somebody’s life and love as less than valuable, the disregard for somebody’s pursuit of happiness. This year marks the 41st anniversary of the Loving v. Virginia ruling which overturned anti-miscegenation laws. The ruling deemed that a ban against interracial marriage is unconstitutional. The Roman Catholic and Presbyterian Church were completely aboard the ruling of the case, citing that there’s not much of a religious ground to prohibit people of different racial background to marry, and that such a ban was indeed discriminatory. We seem to be lacking this sort of inclusive attitude regarding same-sex couples.

Upholding the California’s ruling on same-sex marriage does not undermine marriage, it does not force anyone to change their own marriage preferences, and it definitely will not have an effect on the sexual orientation of the members in a society who accepts such a practice. What it does do is expand the definition of marriage to include more people. The integration of this practice is one of the most innocuous things that can happen to a society, it’s just as innocuous as the existence of cottage cheese in my life. The fact that the banning of same-sex marriage is still part of our political discourse, and that there is so much money spent to make sure such a ban happens, completely baffles me. The proponents of this initiative should chill out and ruminate about the choices of cheese available to them.”

And now, here’s Mr. Voice of Reason’s commentary on Prop 8.


2 Responses to “On Cottage Cheese and Prop 8”

  1. chroniccravings 12, November 2008 at 2:50 pm #

    I like the “team” I play for, though at one point in my younger years I crushed on a guy from the other team and wished to high heavens that there is no such thing as an other “team”. In the end, however, I realized that what made him so different and likeable is that he is who he is– gay and all. I may like the side I’m on but I still respect the other side. For me, a vote against Prop 8 is a vote for equality. And to carry on the team spirit… a vote against Prop 8 is a vote of good sportsmanship.


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