The Land of Bland

21 May

Originally written: April 2007


You know what a foot in the mouth tastes like? To me it tastes very much like a Cornish pasty (half the size of my head) with a vegetable and steak filling.  Spending a weekend in Cornwall (with Ryan and staying with relatives) has positively altered my view of British cuisine. 


Back to our first real Cornish pasty (I’ve had one before in London, and it’s an experience my taste buds don’t want repeated)… the pastry was rich, flaky, and melted in my mouth while the filling was—filling!  Overall, it was hearty, scrumptious, and satisfying.  We would’ve gone back for seconds if it wasn’t for the promise we left Aunt Claire not to spoil our appetite. 

How could we spoil our appetite when we know that a lavish dinner awaits us.  Before we left for our sight-seeing and hiking excursion, I snooped in the kitchen to investigate what Mrs. Philips was planning for dinner.  And what I saw was not disappointing at all.

We returned back to the Philips’ had an afternoon snack of Cornish donuts and tea then returned to the great outdoors for more hiking and exploring.  Cornwall is such an idyllic and picturesque peninsula…breathtaking vistas…dramatic cliffs… It’s easy to fall in love with this place.

_MG_5949 (photo taken by Ryan)

By the time we arrived back at the Philips’, dinner was ready.  And what a spread!  Dinner was comprised of roast lamb and vegetables: potatoes, carrots with gravy on the side; roast chicken; steamed crabs; baked fish; steamed green beans; and a tomato and onion salad.  I’m sure the small dinner table groaned from the weight of all the dishes. 

Good grief!  Roast lamb?!

Moment of truth, to eat it or not to eat it.  That is the question.

Eat it!

What!  I had to try the roast beast!

For dessert we had Cornish ice cream, sponge cake, and tea.  How I managed to make room for dessert, I don’t know.