Screaming for ice cream

21 May

I scream! You scream! We all scream for ice cream!  

Just this past Saturday (17 May), Ryan and I celebrated LeAnne’s (a Seattlelite girlfriend) not-quite 30th blue birthday party with her family and friends—as in blue from ROY G BIV (a mnemonic aid for remembering the colors of the rainbow) which she and her childhood friends are using to celebrate a series of their birthdays. LeAnne’s birthday fell on the color blue. What luck, it happens to be one of my favourite colors; green is the other.   

One of her many stipulations, or wishes let’s say, was that her guests wear at least 50 percent blue, either top or bottom. Another one was to bring two ice cream toppings instead of gifts. Ryan and I presented her with sliced almonds, sliced mangoes in syrup, and blackberries.   

It was quite a thematic birthday party. Fun as well.  

Her charming house was packed with guests but because I wanted to eat too, I was only able to shoot a few ice cream creations (pictured according to time taken).   
















Although ice cream was the highlight, there were other yummy dishes about: quinoa salad, blue corn chips and bean dip (that made my tastebuds dance salsa), veggie burgers and veggie dogs, makings for a personalized sandwich, and so many more that I can no longer remember. It would be helpful to have photos—had I taken a photo of the buffet table, but I didn’t. Ironically, during the party, I reminded myself that after I partake in the dinner and have my ice cream, I would take photos of the two buffet tables: one for savories and the other for ice cream toppings. There was an impressive array of toppings: from popular candies (e.g. gummi bears) to decadent ones (e.g. dulce de leche).  

Fortunately, I didn’t forget to take photos of the birthday pies. Two out of the three are made by Rex, LeAnne’s partner. I know he baked her birthday apple pie and strawberry-rhubarb pie from scratch! While the Lemon meringue pie was baked by their friend Mark–I assume he made it from scratch as well.  


Lemon meringue pie made by Mark  


Strawberry-rhubarb pie made by Rex  


LeAnne’s birthday Apple pie made by Rex  

Cheers, LeAnne!  



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