Running on mac-n-cheese

21 May

Originally written: July 2007


The main reasons why I cook are the following:

          It’s relaxing, believe it or not

          It’s enjoyable

          It gets my creative juices flowing

          I love it

Thus cooking for family and friends is my way of sending a message of love.  That’s mushy I know but there you have it.  Seeing as Ryan is l’amour de ma vie, he’s the other reason why I cook.

I’m stateside writing up my dissertation which is due the first Friday of September.  Am I nervous?  Yes and no.  Yes, because my project supervisor wants to see a draft this month.  No, because I’ve finally completed transcribing the interviews.  Whew.

Back to the fifth reason why I cook…  The man is a cheese fiend and he wants mac-n-cheese.  He has been talking about it for days on end so I suppose I should yield to his behest.  He seldom makes meal requests so when he does, I can’t help but make the dish happen.  

Ryan is special and because he is special, I don’t make mac-n-cheese, instead I make conchiglie e forgmaggio.  Actually I use pasta other than macaroni.  My favorite shapes to use instead of good ol’ mac are: penne rigate, gemelli, fusilli, and radiatore.  I’m a pasta noodle girl myself because it’s more fun to eat.  Nothing like slurping saucy noodles.  Messy but fun, and only done in private.  But this is about Mr. Mac-n-cheese.  So no noodles.

For the cheese sauce, I mix different types of cheddar cheese, my favorite combo is Red Leicester and Double Gloucester, which gives me a buttery and nutty sauce, smooth and mellow.  But once again, this is for Ryan so he chooses the cheese.  His combo preferences are Flagship from Beecher’s in Seattle and sharp cheddar, it doesn’t matter what kind.  

I know what I’m making for dinner tonight.