Noodle fest II

21 May

Originally written: February 2008

I just can’t have enough of this food therapy. Noodle dishes are my comfort food. If Armageddon happens tomorrow, then today I’m having only noodles. I want to meet the grim reaper with a grin. What puts a grin on my face is a steaming bowl of noodles swimming in a deliciously seasoned broth.

Ahhh.. heaven thy name is noodles.

Many of my happy food memories involve noodles.

A most distant memory wherein noodles were the focal point was my sixth New Year’s Eve dinner. It wasn’t quite New Year’s Eve yet for the family dinner happened hours before. What I remember is one of my maternal aunt’s telling me how eating noodle’s during the New Year brings long life. As she chimed on, I was already stuffing my face with long life noodles and I only had one thought in my head… there better be more of these noodles tomorrow.

A most recent memory wherein noodle played the star was last night’s dinner—and the dinner before that. Last night’s dinner was sweet potato starch noodles with shitake and spicy shoyu sauce (pictured). The dinner before that was udon soup with tofu and baby bok choy.

Armageddon may not happen tomorrow. And I’m glad for that. Because that means more noodle meals for me!

Sweet potato starch noodles with sliced shitake and spicy shoyu sauce