Japanese curry chicken pasta

21 May

Originally written: March 2007


I had my doubts when Candy told me what she planned on making for our get-together dinner, but I aim to keep an open mind…and an open appetite.

Evening of our dinner, she, Aaron, and I worked up a frenzy in the unit kitchen I share with five men.  I’m the only gal in the hall which I see no problem since the guys are overall friendly and keep the communal areas clean—coming from a germophobe, that is praise indeed.

Back to our cooking frenzy… I didn’t attempt anything extraordinary given the limited cooking ware and ingredients I have on hand, keeping it simple is best.  I was divided between spaghetti carbonara and spaghetti Bolognese.  I opted for the latter because one of the guests is a hall mate who cooks spaghetti carbonara, what seems to be every two days or so. 

While Candy sliced the chicken and carrots for her Japanese curry chicken pasta

Japanese curry chicken pasta???

Yes.  Japanese curry chicken pasta.

… Aaron, a hall mate from Taiwan, prepped the ingredients for his vegetable stir-fry and Chinese omelette, and I boiled the spaghetti and fettuccine noodles (separately and al dente of course!).  What a variety of dishes we’re having.  No theme whatsoever for this dinner party. 

As I worked on my dish, I gave half of my attention to the making of Candy’s Japanese curry chicken pasta.  My curiosity got the best of me.  I nearly overcooked the ground chicken (I know ground beef is traditional in spaghetting bolognese but this is my meat of choice)! 

Our guests, all males since our gal pals made all kinds of excuses of why they can’t make the dinner, arrived with drinks and fruits (for dessert as I requested) just as we finished cooking.  We arranged the dinner area by setting the table flushed against the wall and positioning the chairs in a different area to leave the buffet area clear.

Introductions were done, plates and utensils were passed around, then we dug in.  Moment of truth…

“I do.  I do like Japanese curry chicken pasta!”  Says Michelle-am I am.

The dish was a surprise.  Mind you, it was tasty; it’s only that I wasn’t initially convinced that that pasta with curry sauce would work.  However, the Japanese curry paste that she used isn’t like Indian curry spice mixes at all.  I supposed Japanese curry is sweetened.

We had no left-overs.  When there are no left-overs, I call that a successful dinner.

Or a dinner attended by college males.