Banana by candlelight

21 May

Originally written: December 2006


Ahh, home for the holidays.  I’ve been stateside for almost a couple of weeks now.  I expected a white Christmas in the Pacific Northwest; I don’t expect the same for California (Ryan and I will be visiting our families for Christmas and New Year’s).  I didn’t expect a storm though.  The worst of it is over but three days ago was a different story.

Two-and-a-half days of no heat and electricity.  Survival meant eating canned food for nourishment.  That’s all the dramatics you’ll get for me.  I’d complain but there are far worse conditions than a couple of days of brown out and black out.

We didn’t want food to go to waste so on the first morning of the 48+ hours of power outage, so we finished the leftovers sitting in the fridge and the three unfinished quarts of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream in the freezer.  Also, we wanted to avoid having to open and close the fridge and freezer so we took out anything that we deemed would easily perish or melt, thus giving us no reason to have to open the fridge or freezer.

The storm that blasted us days ago has now passed.  Given how anxious I felt, I don’t want to imagine how terrifying and traumatizing it must be for people caught in the midst of a natural disaster (or worse or worst, a man-made disaster like war). 

We didn’t know how long the power outage would last so we went to the grocery to go food shopping the following day.  The grocery store nearest to us, QFC, (it’s only smart to venture –if absolutely necessary, otherwise don’t venture out at all—to places close to home during stormy weathers) looked raided.  We wanted bread (fine, artisan bread) and there weren’t any!  The dairy section and frozen foods section were off limits.  And there were very little fruits and vegetables left in the produce section.  I was disappointed.  I wanted bananas.  Ryan consoled me by telling me that I can have the only banana we have left at home.  No gesture could be sweeter.

Back in the apartment, after a fruitless search for bananas (pun not intended), batteries, and flashlight, and back to Christmas cards that needed to be addressed and stamped (thank goodness, that’s completed), I answered a hunger pang resulting in me speedily reaching for the lone slightly spotted and very ripe banana in our fruit basket.  I offered a bite to Ryan but he was disinterested.  Very ripe bananas turn him off, surely due to the esters they emit.

Outside the snow continued to fall and the wind relentlessly turned over trees and power lines.  Inside I was safe and sound, eating a banana by candlelight.  No complaints here.