Arare and nuts

21 May

Originally written: February 2007


Snacking has become habitual for me which is surprising given I’m not customarily a snacker.  Lately though, day in and day out, in-between meals, I can be found munching on arare and salted nuts, almond and peanuts being my favorites.  Would it be because my body is sodium deprived, this being the land of bland, after all.

My favorite rice cracker is an inch in diameter, brownish in color due to shoyu, with embedded black beans.  Good snackin’ stuff.

I have so much in stock—all thanks to Ryan—that despite snacking on the salty snacks on a daily basis, my stash still appears interminable.  I’m not a generous being but when I do have more of something, I will share. 

And I happen to have a supply of Japanese rice crackers!  So I began offering them to friends, and sometimes forcing them upon my Asian friends.  Candy, from Hong Kong would reject my offer each time for the reason of the crackers being caloric, whereas Jinmei, from the Guangdong region of P.R.C., would gladly take them off my hands whenever I make the offer.  Sree and Rahul, both from Kerala, India, and Hammad, are as acquiescent as Jinmei. 

However, my non-Asian friends aren’t too keen on it.  Perhaps because arare is unfamiliar to them.  My other guess is that the last time I offered them an unfamiliar Asian food, dried dragonfruit, I was assailed with complaints of it being too sweet.  I suppose they’re more cautious now when I offer strange and exotic foodstuff.

More arare for me.